Kim Jong-un’s rich nephew Kim Han-sol goes missing ‘after meeting with CIA’

North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un’s rich nephew has reportedly been taken into protective custody by the CIA.

Kim Han-sol is the son of Kim’s half brother Kim Jong-nam — who was allegedly murdered on orders of the dictator using a nerve agent in 2017.

It has been claimed that the exiled 25-year-old — who is said to live a life of lavish luxury — is now in hiding after surrendering to American intelligence services.

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North Korean dissident great Free Joseon have claimed to have assisted in helping Kim’s nephew escape following the death of his dad, reports the New Yorker.

Adrian Hong, head of the group, said he had “never met a kid with so much money” and described him as carrying “wads of cash” and wearing “Gucci shoes”.

Pictures believed to show Kim’s nephew often have him in fancy outfits and earings, including clothes by Armani.

Mr Hong said that he believes Han-sol’s dad — the oldest son of North Korea’s previous ruler Kim Jong-il — had “stashed away a lot of cash during his life”.

The ruling elite in North Korea are known to have an extraordinary level of wealth, with the Kim family owning yachts, palaces and a fleet of luxury cars.

Kim himself was educated in Switzerland and is believed to live a life decadence while his people starve.

And all this wealth, along with help from the CIA, is reported to have allowed Han-sol to disappear after his dad was murdered almost four years ago.

Mr Hong claims his dissident group extracted him from his home in Macau, a territory of China.

He is claimed to have been introduced to the Free Joseon movement in 2013, and expressed an interest in exposing human rights abuses in North Korea.

Han-sol is claimed to have called Mr Hong after he noticed the “police who typically guarded his house had disappeared”.

Fearing for his life, he contacted the group and told them he needed to “get out of Macau as soon as possible”.

He is said to have met members of the group in Tapei, Taiwan, two days after his dad was killed.

There he is claimed to have boarded a plane to seek asylum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Han-sol is claimed to have never arrived at his destination.

It is alleged that two CIA agents attempted to intercept him at Tapei and he was later taken into protective custody and remains hidden.

Han-sol’s last public appearance was a video clip released by Free Joseon in the weeks following his dad’s death.

During the 40-second video, he said: “My name is Kim Han-sol, from North Korea, part of the Kim family. Here’s my passport.

“My father has been killed a few days ago. I’m currently with my mother and my sister.”

Mr Hong described Han-sol’s mum as a pretty middle-aged woman in jeans, while his younger sister was “fluent in English and reminded him of an American teenager”.

He also claimed that Kim’s nephew fondly spoke of going “fishing with his grandfather” – chillingly referring to tyrannical despot Kim Jong-il.

The activist assumes that Han-sol has claimed asylum in another country, but has said his group made a “mistake” losing him to the CIA.

Han-sol’s dad died after being attacked with the VX nerve agent while he was walking though Kuala Lumpur International Aiport.

At least four North Korean suspects fled the country and were able to reach Pyongyang without ever being arrested.

Two women were charged with murder – but claimed they had been recruited as part of a “TV prank”.

Vietnamese woman Doan Thi Huong pleaded guilty to “voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means” over his death.

It has been speculated as to why Kim decided to suddenly kill his brother, including reports last year he was working with the CIA.

President Donald Trump even commented on the claims as he said he would never have recruited him.

It is claimed Jong-nam has $124,000 in cash in his bag at the time of his death.

Malaysian authorities reportedly believe Jong-nam met with a US intelligence agent just days before he was killed.

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